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Natral Beauty FAQs

How long does shipping take?

Shipping is FREE and TRACKED.

We use our own postal courier service so we can track your product in real time to Aus.

Shipping within Aus takes approx 5-7 working days depending on weather and traffic.

Ask us about international shipping.

Am I still able to use this product as my skin gets irritated easliy?

Yes! Absolutely. All of our products are especially formulated for irritated and sensitive skin. Our Australian team have formulated these products with zero known skin irritants. Every ingredient is listed and explained in detail on our ingredients page. If you have any concerns, please contact your long term General Practitioner or perform online research.

Are you FDA Approved?

We are a first world country. Here in Australia we have very strong standards and guidelines. We abide by all rules and regulations, in fact we do better.

Will I breakout after using the mask?

Firstly, do not panic!

It is completely normal if you breakout after using the Green Tea Detox Mask, this just means that the mask is working! Just be sure to moisturise after you have removed the mask.